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The Big Question... Pricing

The most common question we are asked is, "how much does it cost?"  And the answer is simple, it depends...

Residential Mowing Price

All of our lawn care services follow a pricing guide that takes the following factors into consideration:

  • What is the size of your lawn?  This is measure in square footage and excludes non-mowable areas.

  • What is the estimated labor time needed to mow, trim, edge and complete any other services required?

  • How complex is the mowing area?  Does your property have steep hills, many gardens or flower beds to mow around?  Does your lawn have many trees throughout or is it wide open?

  • Will we need to use special equipment such as wide area mowers or a narrow entry mower to navigate through obstacles such as fence gates?



These are just a few considerations we take when figuring out the price to manage your lawn care needs.  

But don't let all that scare you.  We have fair and competitive pricing. 


On the other hand we handle properties that are very large such as apartment complexes.  These commercial properties follow many pricing similarities as the residential properties do, with a few exceptions.  Continue reading to hear about commercial lawn mowing and landscaping prices.  


Commercial Lawn Care and Landscaping Prices

The price for commercial properties caries many of the same factors as the residential properties with a few key exceptions.  

  • Scalability - Commercial properties require crews to be on site for hours rather than minutes.  One of the benefits of this is the reduction of drive - time.  Residential properties are typically managed in 15 to 45 minutes so by nature the crews are spending more time on the road and less time in the lawn as compared to large commercial properties.  This gives us the ability to be more aggressive with pricing as there are more "productive" labor hours which reduces operating costs.

  • Owner Needs - The owners of commercial properties will always have unique needs and requirements that are not as common to home owners and the needs of their residential lawns.  This means every commercial property is given a very custom price quote.  One size does NOT fit all in the world of commercial lawn care and property management.  

  • Special Equipment -  Similar to residential lawns, but more often, commercial lawn care requires special equipment to get the the job done professionally and efficiently.  Break out the BIG GUNS!  Wide area mowers, commercial leaf clean up systems and much much more. This specialty equipment is expensive but also much more efficient.  The added efficiency helps keep cost within budgets while producing beautiful results.  

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