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Winterizing Your Yard: Unexpected Areas You're Overlooking

Winter is coming, and while snowplowing and de-icing are top of mind, there are lesser-known areas in your yard that also need attention.

Let's get into it.

Garden Tools

When it comes to your garden tools, preventing rust is crucial. A good go-to product is WD-40, which is easy to find and effective. If you prefer a more natural approach, linseed oil is also a great option. A quick application will keep your tools in top shape for spring.

Outdoor Furniture

Your patio furniture shouldn't be left out in the cold. Consider covers specifically designed for outdoor furniture, like those from Classic Accessories. Their water-resistant material will protect your investment.

Bird Baths and Other Water Features

It's not just bird baths that need draining. Also check any decorative water features, like fountains, to avoid freeze-thaw damage. Cracks can occur in anything that holds water and freezes.

Drains and Gutters

Don't overlook drains and gutters; leaf clogs can lead to ice dams. A simple gutter cleaning tool like the Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool can make this chore a breeze.

By addressing these often-overlooked areas, you're setting yourself up for an easier and more enjoyable winter season.

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