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The Ultimate Pre-Winter Lawn Care Guide: How to Get Your West Michigan Lawn Ready for the Chill 🍂❄️

Hello to our green-thumbed friends across West Michigan!

With fall in full swing, we know you're itching to hunker down and sip on some warm apple cider. But before you snuggle into that flannel blanket, let's chat about how to give your lawn the love it deserves this pre-winter season.

The Seasonal Haircut: Cut it Short, but not too Short!

Just like you wouldn't want to head into winter with a full beard of snow-magnet facial hair, your lawn feels the same way! Cutting your grass shorter has some key benefits:

  1. Snow Mold Prevention: We know you don't want to find patches of mold come spring. Shorter grass helps to prevent these unsightly (and unhealthy) spots.

  2. Faster Spring Recovery: A pre-winter trim means less work for you in the spring. Your lawn will thank you by sprouting back up, as fresh as a West Michigan tulip.

  3. Nutrient Storage: Less height means more stored energy. It's like a bear going into hibernation—only less growly.

  4. Critter Control: Long grass can become a winter haven for rodents. No one wants their lawn to become a squirrel's Airbnb!

Aerate for Air's Sake

In West Michigan, the soil can get pretty compacted over the summer. Aeration allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate, setting the stage for a lawn that looks lush come spring.

Fertilize, Don't Procrastinate

A well-timed application of fertilizer in the fall can offer your lawn a buffet of nutrients to munch on during the cold months. This is crucial for strengthening roots and aiding fast recovery in spring.

Mulch Those Leaves

Don't break your back raking up every single leaf. Ground-up leaves can serve as excellent mulch. It's like your lawn's own cozy quilt!

Be Water-Wise

Even in fall, your lawn needs water. In fact, watering before the first frost can help your lawn store moisture, ensuring it doesn’t dry out during winter.

Wrap Those Plants and Trees

Have young trees or sensitive plants? Wrapping them in burlap can offer protection against the biting winds we know all too well here in West Michigan.

And there you have it—your ultimate guide for a happy, healthy lawn through those chilly months. If you have any questions, need professional lawn care advice, or just want to chat about the latest in mulch fashion, give us a ring.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

From your friends at Augusta Lawn Care of Hudsonville. 🌱

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